Arizona DOT installs three more weigh-in-motion sensors near Yuma and Gila Bend

December 28, 2017

Land Line Staff


The Arizona Department of Transportation is trying to keep trucks moving through the state. ADOT’s weigh-in-motion technology has been expanded, allowing trucks to be checked for weight, registration and permits without stopping near Yuma and Gila Bend.

According to an ADOT news release, weigh-in-motion sensors have been added in three locations:

  • Interstate 8 at milepost 121, east of Butterfield Trail in Gila Bend;
  • State Route 85 at milepost 130, near Cotton Center about 10 miles north of Gila Bend; and
  • Interstate 8 at milepost 16, east of Fortuna Road.

A fourth weigh-in-motion sensor is slated for January 2018 at milepost 1.8 in Yuma. Motorists should expect lane restrictions and minor delays during the installation.

Sensors in the road allow ADOT enforcement and compliance officers to check truck weight while the vehicle is in motion. Cameras check numbers that indicate whether or not a trucker is compliant. According to ADOT, the cameras do not measure speed and will not be used to detect speeding violations.

Weigh-in-motion technology allows truckers who are compliant to keep on moving without pulling into an inspection station. Only noncompliant truckers will be required to pull over for an inspection.

In addition to the three new locations, weigh-in-motion technology has already been in place at three other places:

  • along Interstate 17 near the McGuireville rest area;
  • along Interstate 10 near the Scranton rest area; and
  • on Interstate 17 near the Canoa Ranch rest area.