Another electric truck charging station coming to the Port of Long Beach

May 17, 2024

Land Line Staff


Forum Mobility broke ground on a new electric truck charging station at the Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, Calif.

Called FM Harbor, the station will serve more than 200 electric trucks daily with a high-speed charging infrastructure, according to a company news release.

The new Port of Long Beach charging depot will accommodate heavy-duty drayage trucks. It will include on-site security and deliver a “plug-in-play experience” when completed by the end of 2024, Forum Mobility said.

“With the support of the Port of Long Beach, the FM Harbor depot will provide drayage truckers a turn-key solution for zero-emission freight,” Matt LeDucq, CEO and co-founder of Forum Mobility, said in a statement. “At Forum Mobility facilities like this one, fleets can make the transition simply and without using their own capital.”

The FM Harbor electric charging location at the Port of Long Beach will have 19 dual-port 360-kilowatt chargers and six single-dispenser 360-kilowatt chargers. The depot will be able to charge 44 trucks simultaneously and serve over 200 trucks per day.

According to the California Energy Commission, 157,000 medium and heavy-duty chargers are needed by 2030 to comply with the state’s emission goals for drayage fleets.

“We are excited to celebrate this milestone with so many leaders in the Port of Long Beach drayage community,” LeDucq added. “The Port of Long Beach has been an excellent partner in prioritizing charging. And most importantly, we are pleased to celebrate with so many of our customers, who are truly leading the way forward on zero-emission freight.”

Learn more about Forum Mobility on the company’s website.

Electric truck charging at the Port of Long Beach

WattEV previously opened an electric truck charging station near the Pier-A terminal at the Port of Long Beach.

That charging location has 13 dual-cord CCS 360-kilowatt chargers capable of charging 26 trucks concurrently.

“As an industry leader in the sustainable goods movement, we are proud to start construction on another project that will help us make dramatic reductions in air emissions and put us on the path toward becoming the world’s first zero-emissions port,” Port of Long Beach CEO Mario Cordero said. LL

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