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When it comes to trucking news, we’re kind of proud of what we have going on here at Land Line Media.

In 1975, OOIDA‘s then-president Jim Johnston was sick and tired of not getting the trucking news media coverage he felt like the then 2-year-old Association deserved. Unlike most people who think freedom of the press is their right to demand they get reported on, Jim started the Association’s own magazine.

We love looking through those old magazines. A bunch of truck drivers telling the trucking news truth. We work hard every day to make sure that we still speak the trucking truth to truckers in all that we do here. Over the years, Land Line Magazine evolved into the go-to news resource for all professional truckers who want to know how the news will affect them – not the spin the mega fleets put on the news.

Fast forward 30 years later, and it was déjà vu all over again. XM Satellite Radio was all the rage. Jim Johnston wanted the truckers’ side of the issues of the industry reported just as loudly as all the fleet double-speak. So, we did it again. We started up our own radio show in 2005.

Tune in at 7 p.m. Eastern to Sirius XM Road Dog Channel 146 for the trucking news you can count on.

But, if you’re loading, unloading, fueling, getting an inspection — you know, all that busy work that goes with trucking — and miss out, never fear. Our website will feed you a steady dose of replays of the show via Land Line Now podcasts. Feel free to tune in here or on one of the numerous podcast apps we are available on.

You’ll find a little bit of everything on our new website. We still have the daily dose of trucking news you have come to count on over the years. You can also find our magazine content online, both in PDF and webpage format, for easy viewing on your phone. And, like we said, the podcasts. We’re bringing you the news that matters to you in formats tailored to your portable and unpredictable lives.

We are proud of our team of professional journalists, both print and broadcast.

We have spent years immersing ourselves in the trucking community. You don’t find many other publications or radio shows hanging out in show parking lots with drivers getting the real scoop about life on the road and what news you really care about. That’s something we are very proud of.

Take a look around and meet the team. Feel free to contact any of us with news tips and insight. Connect with us so we can be better for you, our cherished readers. If you are looking to advertise, cruise on over here and we’ll tell you more of the nuts and bolts about Land Line Magazine, Land Line Now, LandLine.Media, and our podcasts.

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