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Wisconsin bill seeks local authority on roundabout use

With more than 30 roundabouts scheduled for construction around Wisconsin, there’s a push underway at the statehouse that could throw a wrench into those plans.


Joplin, Mo., ranked best city for truckers

AdvisorSmith released a study that ranks the best cities for truckers to live, with Joplin. Mo., topping the list. Does your hometown make the list?

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Three more sentenced in large California CDL scheme

Three more defendants in a widespread CDL scheme case have been sentenced for their role in issuing fraudulent CDLs that involved at least 16 people.

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St. Christopher Fund receives $84,400 from TravelCenters of America

TravelCenters of America makes an $84,400 donation to the St. Christopher Fund during a ceremony on Thursday at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.


What if your emotional support animal is a blow-up doll?

The oddly-specific nature of DOT’s guidance on public transportation and service animals raises some questions. Then there’s the guy with the blow-up doll.

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With Truck to Success course, GATS class, OOIDA strives to help truckers be more profitable

OOIDA is preparing a three-day Truck to Success course for company drivers wondering what it takes to become an owner-operator. The dates: Sept. 10-12.


Deadline looms for TA & Petro 2020 Citizen Driver contest

TA & Petro is seeking 2020 Citizen Driver nominations of professional, role-model truck drivers. Make your nominations by the end of August.

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Truckers talk 30-minute break, coercion at FMCSA listening session

Truckers asked for tweaks to FMCSA’s hours-of-service plan, including the ability to break up the 30-minute break, during a listening session in Dallas.

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The truth about automatic braking systems

On air at 7 p.m., Online at 8 p.m. ET – OOIDA is against a proposed automatic emergency braking mandate. We’ll discuss OOIDA’s position.


Watch FMCSA’s listening session on hours of service here

FMCSA’s first public listening session regarding its hours-of-service proposal begins at 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 23 in Dallas. Watch it here.