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Cue the song “Gary, Indiana” as The Spirit rolls into town

If not the song from “The Music Man” maybe a Jackson Five hit will be in mind as Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s touring trailer, rolls into Gary, Indiana.

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Appeals court hears oral arguments in lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Turnpike

On air at 7 p.m., Online at 8 p.m. ET – OOIDA took its appeal in the lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Turnpike to court last week. We’ll get an update on what happened.

Crime & Courts

Court rejects trucker’s defense: they should’ve caught his fake IDs sooner

The defendant says he was owed a speedy trial despite the facts that he used fraudulent aliases to circumvent CDL suspensions from a traffic citation.


116-hour toilet breaks, sideshow crash mobs and third-party parties

None of these things is a good idea, yet here we are.


FMCSA to ban commercial drivers convicted of human trafficking

Commercial drivers convicted of human trafficking will be permanently banned from operating a commercial motor vehicle, the FMCSA announced. Hold on, though. OOIDA says commercial drivers shouldn’t be singled out. Why not all government licenses?


New Truckers Advantage fuel card offers bigger savings than before

Some customers are saving up to 53 cents per gallon of diesel fuel by taking advantage of the discounts available with OOIDA’s Truckers Advantage fuel card.


Missouri governor vetoes bill that created towing task force

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson recently vetoed a bill that included a provision to address nonconsensual towing in the state.


Florida DOT won’t renew contract for SunPass contractor Conduent

More than one year after Conduent caused widespread problems with tens of millions of transactions, FDOT has confirmed that it will not renew the contract.

Federal, Safety & Security

Safety board blames trucker, self-driving shuttle attendant for crash

A NTSB investigation found that both parties played a role in a crash between a tractor-trailer and an autonomous shuttle that took place in Las Vegas.


Oklahoma takes action to deter trains blocking traffic

A new Oklahoma rule authorizes fines for trains blocking traffic for more than 10 minutes. Pennsylvania lawmakers have stiffened its laws on the issue.

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