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Federal, OOIDA

OOIDA comments: Eliminate 30-minute break requirement

Responding to FMCSA’s proposed hours-of-service plan, OOIDA said the 30-minute break requirement should be eliminated, calling it “needless and unfounded.”


DeFazio requests investigation into DOT’s Chao

Rep. Peter DeFazio is requesting an investigation into possible conflicts of interest involving DOT Secretary Elaine Chao.

Crime & Courts

Florida Supreme Court will hear truck crash case centered on dash cam evidence

Can dash cam video exonerate a trucker in a fatal crash case without going to trial? That’s a question the Florida Supreme Court decided it will consider.


Louisiana laws address multiple truck issues

The Louisiana Legislature has acted to address truck issues that include compliance with federal rules, fair insurance coverage, and width restrictions.

Crime & Courts, News

Werner $40 million judgment centers on entry-level driver training

A New Mexico jury awarded a family $40.5M for a wrongful death suit against Werner Enterprises. The heart of the lawsuit was Werner’s driver training.

Today's Show

It’s not just new socks and snacks

On air at 7 p.m., Online at 8 p.m. ET – Truckers for Troops is just around the corner. We’ll find out what some past donations have bought to that you might not expect: golf clubs. Plus, we’ll have the latest on a lawsuit over Rhode Island’s truck only tolls program.

State, Tolls

Could reform be on the way for Port Authority of New York New Jersey?

Another toll increase is upcoming from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. An effort underway in New Jersey attempts to improve oversight.

Crime & Courts, News

Mississippi CDL tester sentenced for fraud scheme

Just six months after indicted on fraud charges, a former Mississippi DL tester has been sentenced for her role in a CDL fraud scheme.


Have a nice day? Actions speak louder than words

Believe it or not, growling “have a nice day” while slamming someone’s receipt on the counter doesn’t qualify as customer service. Google it, Brenda.

Fuel prices

Fuel prices remain steady following small increase

While federal data show a tiny increase in the U.S. average retail price for a gallon of diesel, ProMiles reports a decrease.