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Flooding from Imelda shuts down I-10 in Texas

Flooding from Tropical Depression Imelda hammers Texas, while rising waters shut down I-29 in Iowa again.


Florida could lose tens of millions of dollars due to SunPass debacle

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise executive director told lawmakers that there is still $120 million in unpaid SunPass tolls, and she expects a low recovery rate.

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Cat Scale prices up slightly

Effective since Wednesday, Sept. 18, the cost of an initial Cat Scale weigh-in has gone up 50 cents. Subsequent weigh-in charges also increased 50 cents.

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‘Follow the money’ adage applies to minimum insurance bill

Want to know who would benefit from a bill that would increase minimum insurance for motor carriers to nearly $5 million? Follow the money.

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Research undermines panic of automation displacing trucking jobs

Will millions of truckers lose their jobs to automation? Researchers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are a bit more optimistic than media reports suggest.


Truckers Against Trafficking expands mission to Canada

Truckers Against Trafficking is partnering with Canadian authorities to combat human trafficking north of the border.


When Google knows you’re weird

“OK Google, is it legal to defend yourself with wasp spray against anything but wasps?” Seriously, this is a real question.

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DAT Solutions: Spot load-to-truck ratios slip, pull rates lower

Load posts and volumes have settled down since Hurricane Dorian has passed, and rates have decreased also. Reconstruction is pushing flatbed rates up, though.

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California worker classification bill signed into law

California Assembly Bill 5, which is aimed at preventing businesses from misclassifying workers in the state, was signed into law.


Pennsylvania bill would increase electric truck weight

An effort underway in the Pennsylvania statehouse would adopt a federal weight exemption for battery-powered electric tractor-trailers.