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Driver Fitness, Federal

FMCSA seeks comment on partial extension of entry-level driver training deadline

FMCSA wants more time to develop its new entry-level driver training rules to develop an electronic interface and give states time to adapt their systems.

Crime & Courts

Convincing dash cam video insufficient to dismiss Florida case

Despite dash cam video that appears to verify a trucker’s account of events of a fatal crash, a Florida appellate court ruled that’s up for a jury, not a judge, to decide.


Pennsylvania Turnpike announces 6% toll increase for 2020

It’s that time of year: fireworks, hot dogs and the annual Pennsylvania Turnpike toll increase announcement. Tolls will go up another 6% next year.

News, Products & Services

Spot rates dip as capacity returns

Load post volume has rebounded since the week of Independence Day, and rates have softened. Reefer rates, however, seem to be slower to bounce back.


Cue the song “Gary, Indiana” as The Spirit rolls into town

If not the song from “The Music Man” maybe a Jackson Five hit will be in mind as Jon Osburn, skipper of OOIDA’s touring trailer, rolls into Gary, Indiana.

Driver Fitness, Federal

MRB hints at returning apnea recommendations to handbook

Members of the FMCSA’s Medical Review Board lobbied for its 2016 sleep apnea recommendations to return to the medical examiners handbook.

Crime & Courts

Court rejects trucker’s defense: they should’ve caught his fake IDs sooner

The defendant says he was owed a speedy trial despite the facts that he used fraudulent aliases to circumvent CDL suspensions from a traffic citation.


116-hour toilet breaks, sideshow crash mobs and third-party parties

None of these things is a good idea, yet here we are.


FMCSA to ban commercial drivers convicted of human trafficking

Commercial drivers convicted of human trafficking will be permanently banned from operating a commercial motor vehicle, the FMCSA announced. Hold on, though. OOIDA says commercial drivers shouldn’t be singled out. Why not all government licenses?


New Truckers Advantage fuel card offers bigger savings than before

Some customers are saving up to 53 cents per gallon of diesel fuel by taking advantage of the discounts available with OOIDA’s Truckers Advantage fuel card.

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