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Will the first driverless trucks be in platoons? Consider Peloton

Peloton Technology has punctured the myth that new trucking tech like platooning and autonomous trucks are about anything other than replacing drivers.

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A tenacious man, a hash brown and the state of Connecticut

On air at 7 p.m., Online at 8 p.m. ET – From an OOIDA Board Member paying tribute to his late friend and a Congressman with a trucking background to a tale of a stubborn man and a hash brown. We’ll cover it all in the latest preview of Land Line Magazine.

Federal, OOIDA

OOIDA opposes UPS’ exemption request from entry-level driver training rule

OOIDA filed formal comments on July 19 against UPS’ request for exemption from FMCSA’s entry-level driver training rule.


Insurance institute cautions about under-21 interstate truckers

IIHS encouraged the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to do more homework before moving forward with its under-21 pilot program.


Sorry we’re late, but Alabama had to mow the grass

When a tidy lawn is more important than free-flowing traffic, we might want to remind folks what the word “interstate” actually means.

OOIDA, Truck Shows

Trail’s Travel Center in Albert Lea, Minn., welcomes Shell Rotella SuperRigs on July 25-27

Look for Land Line Media’s Jami Jones, OOIDA’s Lewie Pugh, Doug Morris and Jon Osburn at Shell Rotella SuperRigs next weekend.

Crime & Courts, OOIDA

OOIDA to move forward in case against Tennessee towing company

An OOIDA lawsuit against a towing company can move forward after the towing company’s claims in another case were dismissed.


Bill would mandate automatic emergency braking on new heavy-duty trucks

The Safe Roads Act would require new trucks to possess automatic emergency braking. OOIDA says the technology is still in its infancy.

Crime & Courts

Two truckers bribed Texas DPS employee to issue 215 fake CDLs

Two men have been charged for bribing a DPS employee to falsely issue more than 200 CDLs. As a result, the employee raked in tens of thousands of dollars.

OOIDA, Truck Shows

OOIDA Shift Into Success class among offerings at Aug. 22-24 GATS

In about a month, the 2019 Great American Trucking Show returns to Dallas. OOIDA will be there. Check out its free Shift Into Success class on Aug. 22.

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