21 truckers fined for taking wrong detour in Canadian city

April 28, 2023

Ryan Witkowski


Police in one Canadian city are cracking down on truckers who are ignoring posted signs prohibiting commercial vehicles from using a particular stretch of road.

In Waterloo, Ontario, a weeklong road construction project to fix a railway crossing has created some confusion and headaches for motorists. Because of the closure, vehicles are directed to a detour. But there’s a catch – commercial vehicles are prohibited from driving on that particular road.

On April 25, the Waterloo Regional Police Service reminded truckers that commercial motor vehicles are prohibited on New Jerusalem Road. At that time, WRPS reported that 14 trucks had already been ticketed for ignoring the posted signs.

For drivers of commercial vehicles, an alternate detour route is available. Officials say to avoid being ticketed, heavy trucks need to follow the designated detour routes along Church Street, Northfield Drive and Sawmill Road.

Constable André Johnson, public information officer with the Waterloo Regional Police Service, tells Land Line that advanced notice was given to motorists about the upcoming road closure and the associated detours.

While that may be fine for locals, truckers who are traveling through the area could be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting that advanced notice. When asked if ample signage was provided to alert truckers of the detours, Johnson said that signs prohibiting commercial vehicles are clearly visible.

“We cannot speak to how ‘ample’ the signage was, but we can confirm that where we were conducting enforcement there was clear signage prohibiting CMVs from using the rural side roads,” he said.

As of Thursday, Johnson says Waterloo Regional Police had issued 23 charges to truckers in relation to the closure – 21 for disobeying the posted signs and two “other charges.” The fine for drivers violating the posted CMV ban is $110.

The road closure is expected to last through the week, ending on April 29. Johnson said there was “no information to suggest that the closure would extend beyond its posted timeline.” LL

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