2019 Make-A-Wish Convoy sets new record for fundraising

June 25, 2019

Wendy Parker


Wind, rain and gloomy weather aren’t exactly great conditions in which to have an outdoor event – especially a truck convoy. Despite terrible weather, the community still turned out to spectate and participate in the most monetarily successful fundraising Make-A-Wish Mother’s Day Truck Convoy to date, benefitting Philadelphia/Northern Delaware/Susquehana Valley Make-A-Wish.

A grand total of 545 trucks signed up, lined up and paid up to be a part of making wishes for children who suffer from life-threatening illness come true. These truckers, in conjunction with generous donations and support from corporate sponsors, raised more than $600,500 – more than a full $100,000 more than last year and an all-time high for the 30th annual event.

Ben Lee, Regional Director of Make-A-Wish of Philadelphia, Delaware and Susquehanna Valley, extends his deepest gratitude to everyone involved for empowering his local agency to fill dozens and dozens of wish requests for children with critical illnesses.

“We grant a majority of our wishes in the summertime, so you had better believe we are putting this money to use as we speak,” he said in a news release. “We are inching closer to our unprecedented goal of granting 365 wishes this year, on average, one wish every day in our chapter area.”

If you’re interested in participating in next year’s Make-A-Wish Mother’s Day Truck Convoy, you can find information here.

Wendy Parker

Wendy Parker has covered the trucking industry since 2012 after she says she “lost my mind and decided to climb inside my husband’s big truck to travel with him as an over-the road, long-haul trucker.” Her unique writing style that ranges from biting satire to investigative journalism coupled with her unbridled passion for fighting round out a wildly talented stable of writers.